Some of George Orwell’s Most Startling Quotes with Artwork

The popularity of George Orwell, one of the twentieth-century’s most revered writers, has shown no sign of waning in the new millennium. Orwell’s exceptional body of work includes classic political fiction (1984 and Animal Farm), hugely influential non-fiction books (Down and Out in Paris and London, The Road to Wigan Pier, Homage to Catalonia), essays, literary criticism and polemical journalism. A number of his lesser-known novels – Burmese Days, Coming Up for Air, Keep the Aspidistra Flying – remain eminently readable. Little wonder, then, that Orwell is one of the most quoted writers. And, yes, you guessed it, our Facebook page has celebrated many of his most startling lines…

orwell ann to use

Orwell’s real name was Eric Arthur Blair.

orwell birth to use

Orwell is one of our most respected essayists.

orwell catalonia

Orwell’s personal account of the Spanish Civil War is essential reading.

orwell 1984 rules

His most enduring book?

orwell down and out

Still relevant for today’s society.

orwell hundred to use

From 1984 again.

orwell truth

Orwell was born on the 25th June 1903 in Motihari, India.

orwell essays

In favour of freedom of speech…

orwell war consciousness

A moral for today?

orwell war is peace

Famous tenets of propaganda.

orwell unjust farm

The book that gave him international fame.

orwell working class

Methods of political control feature throughout 1984.

orwell war quote 1984

His original title was The Last Man in Europe.

orwell wigan pier

From his study about working conditions and poverty in the North of England.

orwell wigan pier newest

How things stay the same?

An excellent article on Orwell’s 1984 can be read at the following link:
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