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Independence, Quality and Reviews

In order to survive and thrive, independent publishers need adventurous readers to engage with their books and pamphlets. That independents can exclusively concentrate on quality is the one real advantage they have over big, corporate publishing houses, bustling with agents demanding six-figure sums and therefore concentrating on ultra-commercial genres. Ultra-commercial genres that don’t always guarantee quality.  Are you the type of reader willing to give a quality independent book a chance? Then Randal Eliot’s What Goes and Comes Around might be just up your street. Here’s a sample of the earliest reviews…

‘A very thoughtful, and more importantly, a very readable and entertaining book. Randal Eliot has a message to get across – and he’s not afraid to let it show – but that never gets in the way of this well paced story of a modern family cracking under the strain of our consumerist society.

As our hero, Ian Randall, tries to come to terms with the simultaneous break down of his marriage and loss of his job he must also contend with his thoroughly modern children getting into all sorts of trouble with their thoroughly modern ambitions. It’s a familiar story but well told with easy humour and some cracking dialogue.

The real story, though, is a parable on the perils of falling for the consumerist dream. The married couple themselves are largely responsible for their financial and domestic woes, and Ian even feels some responsibility for his own job loss, having not supported his union at work. But we are left in no doubt that the author’s sympathies lie with these ordinary folk, fed the impossible dream until anything less seems like failure.

Highly recommended and only missing the fifth star because I know that Randal Eliot will get better and better the more he writes.’

‘A spectacularly well-written novel about a working family struggling to cope with the pressures of the modern world. Brilliantly drawn characters, sparkling, acute dialogue, dark humour and sharp wit, and a plot and narrative that skilfully wind between gritty realism and idealistic romance, What Goes and Comes Around has got something good for all readers of contemporary fiction. I couldn’t put it down. Genuinely demands your attention.’

‘Very promising debut from Randal Eliot. He has a real flair for language – the descriptive passages are beautifully realised, and his narration is by turns witty and compassionate. Would love to see him turn his talents to a longer piece of work.’

‘Really enjoyed this book. Being from the area in which it is set I was able to pick out certain land marks that are described in the novel. It is very well written and the description of the characters excellent too. Well worth a read.’

‘This book is not in my usual preferred genre, but I tried it on recommendation from the publishers social media page.I must say how pleased I am to go outside my ‘comfort zone’ to try something new.

Randal Eliot has produced an excellent debut novel. Full of real characters and scenarios that most readers will be able to readily identify with. The descriptions of family and work life are absolutely spot-on. It is very easy to digest,so interest is maintained throughout. This book will have appeal to all adult ages, and I hope Mr Eliot is already working on his next venture in literature.’

‘I really enjoyed reading this very well written, gritty and descriptive novel. I’m looking forward to reading Randal’s future novels and hope I don’t have to wait too long!’

It’s On Its Way – A Fabulous Modern Novel

Literary Fragments are immensely proud to be publishing Randal Eliot’s debut novel – What Goes and Comes Around – on 15 December 2014. Our blurb will hopefully whet your appetite for a masterful piece of contemporary writing.

The Randalls are the fashionable, aspirant, working family to be found on every street. Until their relationships’ frailties are brutally laid bare by explosive revelations. Amid the toxic fallout from the household’s spiralling debt, there’s the destructive affair of beautiful Cathy – wife and mother-of-two – with her urbane boss.

What Goes and Comes Around follows the journeys of four estranged individuals, slowly, painfully grasping that they have constructed their own little worlds on treacherously shaky foundations. Dreams are often flawed and selfish rather than inspired and rewarding, and fashion and consumerism’s tempting glitz can’t replace the family unit’s loving support.

It's out now!

It’s out now!

Redundancy, a humbling visit to his folk’s place and wild idealism rediscovered in rock and roll nostalgia open Ian Randall’s eyes to his downfall’s inevitability. The abrupt, cruel end of his wife’s romance with wealthy, ruinous Michael leads her on a parallel, lonely route to self-discovery. But in the austere modern world, the price of enlightenment could become unbearably high.

While their parents struggle to find their feet, young Davie Randall’s cheeky entrepreneurialism and his sister Alicia’s embryonic musical career attract the unhealthy interest of the local hood, Liam Briggs. His reckless interference puts the kids’ lives on the line. Only by pulling together and finding strength in each other again can their stricken parents hope to avert disaster…. Isn’t it clear that reconciliation and some tough decisions might just help them through their financial crisis to recover, better and wiser human beings?

Set in the post-industrial North in the great financial crash’s aftermath, What Goes and Comes Around adapts and modernises the realist-cum-naturalistic novel, producing a sharp, poignant and sometimes acerbically funny study of contemporary life. Accessible prose and subtle, aesthetic patterning shape a penetrating exploration of love, betrayal, debt, dreams and popular culture, and the very economic system we live under.

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