The Brontës: Some of Their Greatest Quotes with Artwork

bronte sisters

The three sisters, as painted by their brother, Branwell.

While their lives were tragically cut short, the Brontës’ remarkable literary output has earned them an unrivalled status: quite simply, they are the most renowned and celebrated family in English Literature. Charlotte’s Jane Eyre and Emily’s Wuthering Heights are among the most widely-read and revered novels in the canon, and Anne’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is also judged to be a classic.

Whether through the medium of prose or poetry, the sisters’ passion and enlightened artistic vision remain influential over one hundred-and-fifty years on. The parsonage, Haworth, West Yorkshire, where Charlotte, Emily and Anne lived with their father and painterly brother, Branwell, is visited by hundreds of thousands of literature-inspired pilgrims each year.

We’ve collected some of their greatest quotes for your enjoyment. (The following memes originally featured on our Facebook page.)

charlotte bronte absolute newest

A quote so famous lovers of nineteenth-century literature will instantly recognise it.

A felicitous insight into the link between prejudices and a lack of education (whether formal or informal).

charlotte bronte newest one to use

More wise words.

bronte charlotte smart

Which is your favourite novel by one of the sisters?

emily bronte new to use

From the excellent Wuthering Heights.

emily bronte birth to use

…Remarkable poetry.

emily bronte based on robert mcginnis

Wuthering Heights – a brooding, transgressive masterpiece.

bronte happy

More from Jane Eyre.

anne bronte birth

Anne’s morality was perhaps more conventional than that of her passionate, groundbreaking sisters.

ann bronte

Another from the youngest sister’s well-received work.

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